Healthcare Funds

Explore how your generous donations transform lives and foster a healthier community at the Wetaskiwin Health Foundation

Our Acute Care Fund supports the main patient areas of the hospital. When you support this fund, you are ensuring quality healthcare in the active treatment of sudden onset, short-term, and/or life-threatening injury, or illness. This fund has supported the purchases of bladder scanners, portable ultrasound, IV pumps, wheelchairs, stretchers and much more.

Our Capital Campaign Fund supports our current project. In the past this fund has supported purchases like the CT Scanner, Palliative Suites, Long-term Care Family Room, etc.

Our Community Health Fund goes to support any local health care needs. For example, needs of the Health Unit and Homecare-based units. This fund has supported dental units at schools, new baby scales, and new beds at Home Care.

Our Health Education Fund goes towards providing opportunities to those who are interested in furthering their education in a health-related field through Scholarships and Bursaries. For example, this fund supports the Health Studies Award, the Health Care Education Scholarships, Joyce Nelson-Dopko Scholarship, Peter Langellel Memorial Practical Nursing Scholarship, Cheryl Deckert Practical Nursing Scholarship, Linda Tetz Memorial Healthcare Aid Award, and Bruce Finkle Clinical Nursing Award.

Our Health Promotion Fund goes toward supporting healthy initiatives in the local community and promotes healthy living to sustain a healthy life for all.

Our Long-Term Care Fund goes directly to supporting the patients living in Long-Term Care in the Wetaskiwin Hospital and Care Centre. This fund has provided blanket warmers, patient lifts, dining room tables, TVs, and much more to ensure a quality stay for those living in Long-Term Care.

Our Mental Health Fund goes toward supporting Mental Health needs in our local community. This fund has been used to make more mental health services available and known for those of all ages.

Our Palliative Fund goes directly to providing a more comfortable stay for those who have been diagnosed with a progressive life-limiting/threatening illness to live their lives the best way possible while surrounded by their loved ones. This fund goes

Our Rec Therapy Fund goes to providing a more enjoyable stay for our seniors staying in Long-Term Care. This fund is used to provide engagement activities such as bringing in singers, as well as busing in kids for Halloween. This fund is also used to buy Christmas gifts, flowers, and birthday cakes for the residents.

This is a new Fund created to assist in Seniors’ Health in our community.

Our Women’s Health Fund promotes support for specific health concerns in our community. This includes, but is not limited to, all situations surrounding Obstetrics, supports the art of healing groups, and has supported the PCN with pelvic floor health. This fund has also bought a handheld ultrasound machine to increase convenience and improve healthcare outcomes.

Our Greatest Needs Fund goes toward current health care needs in Wetaskiwin. This fund allows us to purchase equipment and to fund programs that enhance health care throughout our community. Our Greatest Needs Fund ensures that any urgent needs of the Wetaskiwin Hospital and Care Centre are supported.

A Legacy Gift allows you to give a greater gift than you may have been able to during your lifetime. When you donate to our Legacy Fund you are providing a gift of hope and support for others in your community. This fund supports the long-term stability of the Wetaskiwin Health Foundation.